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Pinterest and Estate Sales – Where do the Ideas Come From?

If you love estate sales you know that you can find some rather unique items as well as the usual everyday things.

Many times I wonder what people will do with their purchases. Sometimes they buy for their home, or for a son or daughter needing help with a first home.

Sometimes they have a project in mind and are looking for that perfect piece needed to complete it!These are often the most fascinating purchase that I see…why in the world does someone want a broken chair or part of a gadget that doesn’t work anymore?

It can all be found at an estate sale, for sure. But where do you get the ideas for that project…enter Pinterest…

Pinterest is an addicting site where you can join for free and create boards for your favorite ideas, such as cooking, sewing, etc. You can then search keywords for your board and find other people with the same ideas. You then pin them to you board and you have a digital scrapbook of things you like.

There is no end to the creative ideas you can find on Pinterest. From jewelry making, to cooking, to re-purposing old wood, to just simply looking for interesting quotes or pictures of your home town.

So get pinning! And come to our estate sales to find that piece you need for that project you just pinned!!


Fort Worth News – Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales and Liquidations

We are expanding our Fort Worth presence!!

Are you looking to sell your estate items and you don’t know where to start?

With us, it does not matter whether you are downsizing your household, a realtor representing a client or even an executor of an estate, we have only a single goal that is to provide a stress free, seamless and profitable experience.

Why we are the best

In this business, excellent customer service is very important, at Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales, we give customer service the first priority. We have built an enviable reputation of integrity, honesty and success. We are one of the most referred sales estate company in Tarrant County. Excellent reviews and feedback from satisfied customers can further attest to our excellent services.

Benefits of using our service

Save time

Organizing an estate sales takes time. It might take several days or even weeks. This will greatly affect your schedule. Since this is our field of expertise, we are able to quickly organize an estate sales event, so, even if you are in a hurry, we will work something out for you.

We have the right equipment

For an estate sales to be attractive and thus successful, it needs to be well presented. We have the right equipment with us, from display cases, tables, chairs, credit card scanner for ease of receiving payments, labels, markers, signs, packing materials to additional lighting equipment and many more. Acquiring these equipment all by yourself might “eat” into the profits of the event. You might even end up making huge losses.

Business knowledge and Experience

You might get the equipment right but lack the business knowledge and experience to host a successful event. This kind of event requires the right timing, knowledge of how to display items and attract customers as well as laws governing such an event. Our many years in this industry means we have the right expertise and experience. With us, your chances of making a good return are amplified.

Call us today or visit us at www.trinityestatesales.com and let our experienced team handle the selling of your estate items.

We make selling of the contents of your home worry free.


Estate liquidator Fort Worth TX

Having an estate sale because you are in the process of relocating, downsizing or staging your home for sale in the current real estate market may not be a simple task as it sounds. Ideally, it requires professional service. If you are in this situation, then we at Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales and Liquidations are committed to taking you through the sale procedure smoothly. We do understand all your estate sale needs and thus we are committed to offer the best we can. We use the ethically accepted practices in conducting your sales. We have been in this practice for quite some time and thus we assure you the best whenever you contact us.



Scheduling an estate sale

What is the best time to schedule your estate sale?

That depends on what your plans are. If you are putting the house up for sale, keep in mind that it takes time to set up and conduct a properly run estate sale. In today’s DFW real estate market houses are often sold before they are listed! Buyers are anxious to close. So there may be very little time to have a sale. The best approach is to have the sale before listing the house. Many times the estate sale is the first viewing that the public has of the property and it usually generates a lot of inquiries. As estate sale facilitators, we have people asking about the house at every sale. We recommend having your realtor leave contact information with us so we can pass it along to those with serious inquiries.

Let us know if you have questions.


Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales and Liquidations



Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales and Liquidations Arlington TX

Looking for the most reliable service to liquidate your home? If yes then, look no further than Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales and Liquidations in Arlington TX. We offer comprehensive services regarding your estate sale needs. Our years of experience in this service guarantee us the expert skills you need. We therefore assure you the rewarding experience when you hire us to handle your estate sale. We cater to a wide range of your needs whether you want to relocate or downsize your home, we are here to help you. We fully access your home, put everything into order and price your home accordingly.

Benefits of using our service

-We assure you absolutely no upfront costs to pay, we only work diligently to receive our commission.

-There is no need of you being present during the time of sale. We assure you that we will accomplish everything on your behalf.

-We use the most advanced techniques in monitoring and analyzing your home. Our wireless surveillance system allows us get a fully detailed view of your home.

-We cover all kinds of homes whether small or large. We understand that complete liquidation as well as maximum profits is what you need. We therefore give attention to every detail you present to us. We treat every client as unique client with unique needs.

-We are fully experienced in estate liquidation and thus we offer effective and efficient services.

Our estate sale process is smooth and hassle-free. This is why we have remained the highly reputable home liquidators in Arlington TX and beyond. We simplify your home liquidation process through our efficient and friendly staff. Experience service beyond your expectations. Your interests are our top priorities. We are fully  insured. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.



Past Sales

Grand Prairie Estate Sale
Trinity Heirlooms has done many estate and moving sales all over Tarrant County and the surrounding areas. Have a look at some of the treasures you might find at one of our sales!

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