If you love estate sales you know that you can find some rather unique items as well as the usual everyday things.

Many times I wonder what people will do with their purchases. Sometimes they buy for their home, or for a son or daughter needing help with a first home.

Sometimes they have a project in mind and are looking for that perfect piece needed to complete it!These are often the most fascinating purchase that I see…why in the world does someone want a broken chair or part of a gadget that doesn’t work anymore?

It can all be found at an estate sale, for sure. But where do you get the ideas for that project…enter Pinterest…

Pinterest is an addicting site where you can join for free and create boards for your favorite ideas, such as cooking, sewing, etc. You can then search keywords for your board and find other people with the same ideas. You then pin them to you board and you have a digital scrapbook of things you like.

There is no end to the creative ideas you can find on Pinterest. From jewelry making, to cooking, to re-purposing old wood, to just simply looking for interesting quotes or pictures of your home town.

So get pinning! And come to our estate sales to find that piece you need for that project you just pinned!!