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  1. My parents are looking to have an estate sale in arlington texas and are looking for quotes on fees and commissions. Do you have a range you could send me? Also how much notice would be needed to set up an estate sale?

    1. Hi Courtney,
      Our commission rates start at 40%. Rates quoted higher are generally for homes that are harder situations or have exceptional situations. They are rare but do happen. Most homes are at the 40% level. Our commission includes all expenses such as setting up,advertising, staffing and running the sale. We generally need 2-3 weeks to set up a sale…depending on the size and condition of the home. We are currently booked through the first weekend in Oct, but have availability for later in October and later. I would be happy to discuss and answer any questions. Feel free to call or message me!

      Chris Whitworth
      Trinity Heirlooms Estate Sales LLC

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